Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wiewiórka Syberyjska Wiki


would think that a person who loves vintage, classic Chanel and Lagerfeld's aesthetic would ask attention to the colors of shirts and sweatshirts fluo Babycakes! That's it! From a year ago, probably (like everything in the past two years, perhaps a year) by accident I fell somewhere just for Babycakes.
They say even more smoothly and slowly in the early nastoletniość striking designs on T-shirts and sweatshirts make not a fan of skateboarding in Hollywood has at least one T-shirt from BBYCK.
As for me, it went out of curiosity on their website yesterday and there I am looking jeans! And what pretty cool. Simple fashion, without doing anything extra to complete their cheapness. They are both trousers as well as for girls and boys. They cost about 35 €. And guess what? Immediately and order a take;)

As for the shirts is what it was:


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